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Best Wireless Network card for Laptops

Card / October 2, 2016

Depends what you mean "best". You want to match the features on your routers. You must determine if you need dual band or mimo (it will have multiple antenna) or new options like 802.11ac.

Now if by "best" you mean signal strength then there is very little difference. Your house makes much more difference than any tiny variation between cards. All cards transmit at the legal maximum power. There is some variation in the type of antenna these cards use but it generally does not make a big difference.

What you may find is your laptop actually gets a little better reception due to placement of the antenna in the back of the screen where your desktop will likely have the antenna located very close to the metal case and likely being placed against the wall blocking even more signal.

Peoples houses vary so much its extremely hard to judge what will work well. This is why you see such a huge mix of reviews for wireless equipment with some people saying its great and others saying it does not work. The key thing is cards that have similar features likely use the exact same chipsets no matter whose name is on the box. So if you stay with the larger manufacture you will get similar performance so try to find something that is on a sale.