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Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network

Sensor / August 23, 2018

Wireless sensors networks (WSNs) are traditionally composed of large number of low-cost and tiny homogenous sensors nodes connected through a wireless network that gather data to be treated locally or relayed to the sink node through multi-hop wireless transmission. Moreover, such issues are very critical due servers resources constraints like efficient energy, stock limitation and lifetime of network. Several solutions were proposed to minimize the traffic into network. Clustering algorithms have been widely used to reduce energy consumption. In this context, the key point in such topology is to select a cluster. One of solutions is to select a cluster alternately. However, this choice does not consider the energy as important criteria in actual papers. In order to limit energy consumption, our new method is proposed in this paper to optimization Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (O- LEACH) to improve existing LEACH and LEACH-C by selecting cluster according to the residual energy of nodes dynamically. The simulation results show that proposed algorithm achieve longer stability by comparison to original LEACH and LEACH-C.