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Security / March 10, 2017

Given the evolving threat landscape, it is no surprise that the field of information security is booming. A report issued by Burning Glass Technologies reveals that job postings across the industry have grown 74 percent between 2007 and 2013—twice the rate of all other IT jobs.

All of this growth makes the field of information security an exciting career choice. At the same time, however, the industry’s expansiveness complicates the process of selecting a specific career path.

After researching the field of information security, we’ve gathered the top 10 infosec jobs based on overall pay grade:

#1: Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A CISO is a C-level management executive whose primary task is to oversee the general operations of an organization’s IT security department and other related staff. The organization’s overall security is the foremost concern of the CISO. As such, persons who aspire to become a CISO must demonstrate a strong background in IT strategy and security architecture.

They must also possess people and communication skills, which they are expected to use when assembling and managing a team of IT security experts, as well as when consulting with other organizational executives and/or federal agencies depending on the nature of their workplace.

#2: Security Architect

A Security Architect is a senior-level employee who is responsible for building and maintaining the computer and network security infrastructure for an organization. This position requires that individuals develop a comprehensive picture of an organization’s technology and information needs, which they can then use to develop and test security structures designed to protect those systems.

Security Architects are expected to be knowledgeable in a diverse set of technical skills, including ISO 2, ITIL and COBIT frameworks, risk assessment procedures, operating systems, and perimeter security controls.