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Router In Computer Network / January 10, 2015

It's very difficult to get a straight answer from anyone on this website regarding anything related to my job.

Let me be very clear to avoid misunderstandings - internet and LAN are combined on the same network via ethernet. Security is NOT an issue. Half the computers are running Windows XP SP1 and don't have any anti-virus, and are connected to both the internet, and to the local network. They're also operated by people who don't know the difference between a megabyte and a terabyte.

My home connection is very secure. It's very well encrypted, has a very long and random pass-phrase that would not be brute forced.

The reason the connections are separate wirelessly is because they had to get a new router a couple years back, and they never bothered setting it up again. I have a work computer that is provided by my company. It is very slow, and while it 'works', it wastes a lot of my time.

So, to be as clear as I can, I want an answer on how to connect to two separate wireless connections, one for LAN and one for internet access. I do not want a security lecture. I'm not tech-illiterate, nor am I stupid. It's very frustrating to keep being told these things, and it's a little insulting.

Our IT department is busy, and I have other things that I actually need their help with which are backlogged.

I understand that you all have good intentions, but this is far from the first question that I've received these types of replies on, and I'm not looking for them. Can someone please answer my question? I'll be very grateful.