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Encryption Type for wireless Network

Router In Computer Network / October 18, 2014

From a security perspective, I think you are asking the wrong question. WPA2 is the basic answer. But it's entirely incomplete! A more complete answer will view WPA2 as one component of your wireless network defence. Of course there's strong encryption methods using certificates/vpn etc but these are too difficult for most people to set up and are usually reserved for businesses. So let's assume WPA-2 is the 'best' answer to the basic question. However... as you'll see, there's many weaker points that attackers go for, that ultimately reveal your WPA2 password, so I've included them in the points below.

the main thing you can do, is be the hardest person to hack around you. That's the biggest deterrent. If I'm going to hack you, but you're taking too long or are too expensive to crack, I'll try the next person. This will require some playing around in your router settings.

I'll assume you would never use WEP. 10 minutes on youtube and your mom can crack it.

Switch off WPS. this is EXTREMELY vulnerable to brute force attacks and can be hacked in seconds, even if you are using WPA2 with a ridiculously complex password. Tools like reaver and revdk3 or bully make light work of these. You're only a little bit more protected if your router supports rate-limiting, which slows down, but doesn't prevent brute force attacks against your routers pin. Better to be safe and just switch WPS off and be 100% safe against these attacks.

turn off remote access, DMZ, UPNP, unecessary port forwarding

turn on, any inbuilt intrusion detection systems, MAC address filtering (tedious to set up if visitors to your house want access to your wifi (you will have to add your friends device to the router's MAC white-list to enable access) This can be hacked by faking a MAC address easily, and getting your MAC is also easy with an airodump-ng scan, but nevertheless, this will slow down attackers, requires them to be near a client device (mobile phone, or laptop in the whitelist) It will be pretty effective against some remote attacks.