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NETGEAR WNA3100 N300 Wireless Network Adapter

Adapter / February 15, 2019

I had been having the same problem with my netgear wna3100 wireless usb adapter. After many hours of googling and trial and error...have found that the problem per say isn't the netgear equipment or bug... but it is with the anti-virus software and configuration of it. The newer antivirus programs are getting more and more complicated and intruding into more and more of our software programs and applications. My experience is with AVG and Avast. And while they are good antivirus programs they tend to go where they shouldn't. With that said my success through trial and errors of configurations has been worked out more simple to fix than anticipated. My OS system is Windows XP with the latest updates ( I also suspect the same will work on Vista, and Windows 7).
I also have a machine on Windows Vista but it is hardwired so we won't worry about it. This works with I haven't done anything with AVG to see what will work and what will not..(maybe I will go through it and report back if anyone is interested). Lets take this step by step.
We will be dealing with Avast for right now..

1. if you have all the netgear software loaded and you find yourself getting constant avast user face and go to "settings" tab.
2. scroll down to "trouble shooting". There will be a list of options.
3. If the check box for "load avast services only after other system services"
is NOT checked than CHECK it.
4. Then click OK at the bottom.
5. Now close out of Avast userface.
6. Now go to Windows "start up" menu.
7. Scroll down to Netgear folder and disable it...thats right disable it so it doesn't start up when you start your PC. (that will prevent the Little laptop icon with the wireless waves above it from coming up). Don't worry the PC will still access the folder.
8. Now go to control panel and go to network and internet connections and click it on.
9. Next page will show "network connections" click it. A list of connections will be there like "Ethernet" and your "netgear connection or whatever you named it. right click over your connection and go to properties and click on it.
10. A new tab will come up "wireless network connections". you should have three tabs that say "general" "wireless networks" and "advanced" Click on "wireless networks" tab. You should see your network there. If everything installed correctly from the beginning.
11. At the top of this tab you will see a BOX... that says... "use windows to configure my wireless network settings" if it is not checked (which I doubt it will be) Check the BOX and then go down and click "OK".
12. Reboot.. ENJOY!.

NOTE: if for some reason your software didn't load properly I suggest you disable Avast and do a fresh install. However if you are connecting then dropping then everything is good...Like I said it is NOT the adapter. Netgear makes very good products and I have used many other similar but nothing that I like as much as the ease of netgear equipment. And I don't think it is a Netgear bug to have to work out but rather the software and their continued efforts to develop and re-develop products to stay competitive. Thats why AVAST has their "trouble shooting" section in their userface because they know that their are other software that simply will not interface with them instead of the other way around. Anyway hope this works. It did for me.. without having to be PC genius(of which I am not).