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Networked Computing

Router In Computer Network / October 30, 2014

This course is a survey course covering a broad range of technology topics at a high level. The course is aimed at students with no prior technical skills other than the general use of a computer. Really! When you look at the topics ‐ they may seem daunting ‐ but the entire design of the course is focused on student mastery of the topics. We want you to succeed in the course and then use the knowledge you learn to do many wonderful things in the rest of your academic and professional career.

Required Books

Most of the course material will be from online sources and materials produced for the course. There is one book that covers the programming aspects of the course.
Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science
Author: John Zelle
ISBN 1‐887902‐99‐6
Web Site:
Some of the course material will come from my upcoming O’Reilly book on the Google AppEngine. We will only use two chapters of this book. The entire book is available at ‐ comments and suggestions are very welcome as the book is currently in technical review for a late spring publish date.

Final Exam

The official University exam time for this course is: Thursday April 23, 2009 1:30 – 3:30PM
The exam for this course will be online and you will be able to take it anytime on April 23 or April 24. Once you start the exam – you have three hours to finish the exam. You will need a computer and access to the Internet to complete the final exam.

Course Outline

The course moves rather quickly through a lot of material. The first few week focus on programming and work from the textbook – the later weeks will use materials that are provided and available from the world‐wide web.


1 January 7 Programming And Computers Zelle 1

2 January 12 Programming And Computers Zelle 1

3 January 19 Simple Programs Zelle 2 & 4, AE 3

4 January 26 Decisions and Loops Zelle 7 & 8, AE 3

5 February 2 Collections and Types Zelle 11 & 3, AE 3

6 February 9 Practical Midterm Exam in Lecture

7 February 16 Internet Technologies

Internet History

Internet Structure

8 February 23 Spring Break

9 March 2 Internet Technologies AE 4

Internet Applications

HTTP Protocol

10 March 9 Understanding the Web AE 2


11 March 16 Understanding the Web AE 2

Sessions and Cookies

Scraping the Web

12 March 23 Web Services and Data Formats

13 March 30 Searching and Organizing the Web

14 April 6 Databases

15 April 13 Security and Cryptography