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New Technology in Computer Networking

Router In Computer Network / January 30, 2014

The rise of software defined networking or SDN has been significant in the recent past. This is a new approach to computer networking and holds the promise of revamping the conventional data center. On one hand it is compelling established companies like Juniper and Cisco to refashion their strategy and on the other, several new or start up companies are taking to this technology right away. SDN essentially helps deal with networking bottlenecks created by old fashioned routers and switches.

While major equipment has received upgrades, these devices have not and therefore cause the networking glitches. SDN splits the control functions but manages them via one centralized program. This means that the routers and switches do continue to manage the data transmission but do not have to be sophisticated like the hardware.

After the advent and growth of virtualization, SDN seems to be the next big paradigm shift in the data center.