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Security Enable wireless Network

Security / June 6, 2018


Be sure that you clearly understand how the WEP key settings are configured in your wireless adapter. Wireless adapter configuration utilities such as the one included in Windows XP allow entry of only one key, which must match the default key you set in the modem router.


Click Save to save your settings or click Apply to allow your changes to take effect immediately.
This version of WPA requires the use of a RADIUS server for authentication. Each user (wireless client) must have a user login on the RADIUS server, and the modem router must have a client login on the RADIUS server. Data transmissions are encrypted using a key that is automatically generated.


Select Wireless Settings in the main menu.


In the Radius Server Name/IP Address field, enter the name or IP address of the RADIUS server on your LAN. This is a required field.


In the Radius Port field, enter the port number used for connections to the RADIUS server. The default port is 1812.


In the Shared Key field, enter the value that you want to use for the RADIUS shared key. This key enables the modem router to log in to the RADIUS server and must match the client login value used on the RADIUS server.