8 Best Wireless Network Adapters

Top Wireless Network Adapters

Adapter / September 7, 2019

If your system is in a small form factor case or otherwise requires a low-profile PCI card, you are interested in a step up from entry-level. The Realtek 8169SC offers reliable Realtek components in a Realtek branded network card. You get crossover detection, auto-correction, gigabit speeds, full 32-bit PCI compliance, wake-on-LAN, remote wake-up support, and much more. The card is plug and play for Windows, Linux, and Mac computer systems.

Linksys has always been a big name in home networking and as the retail arm of Cisco; they provide quality products for home users. You have the rock solid reliability and quality of those components in the Linksys EG1032.. Built for PCI card slots and offering 10Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1000Mbps speeds, it great features like Wake-On-LAN support and plug and play compatibility. A quick installation guide and a resource disk are included to simplify setup and installation.

Ethernet Cable

Networking together wired internet network cards requires wires, also known as cables. CAT5 Ethernet cables are good for up to 100Mbps speeds, providing an economical solution for running long lengths of cable through your home or workplace. You can find individual CAT5 cables in lengths of 5 to 50 feet and more, but be careful running long lengths, as most network adapters require cable to be no more than a certain length, usually 100 meters or about 328 feet. CAT5e cables are rated for 1Gbps and CAT6 takes care of 10Gbps speeds. Either one is a better choice than plain CAT5 since it does not transfer data at gigabit speeds.

Firewall Software

Running a wired router and internal network card is one way to ward off attackers because they can't wirelessly connect to your network. However, that's not the only way computers can be infected. A great way to protect your computer system from problems online is to run firewall software. This sort of protection runs in the background and fights off problems without you having to know about it. A good firewall makes quick work of anyone trying to compromise your system; all you have to do is keep working or playing and not have to worry about a thing.

Wired Gigabit Router

Once you have the wired internal network card you need and the cable to connect it to a router, the missing piece is the router. If you already have a router it may be older and slow or not have enough ports to connect everything you want on your network. If this is the case, look into getting a new wired gigabit router. These can be found typically with 4 ports and gigabit speed, which should take care of connectivity and speed. You can also generally find wireless routers with gigabit Ethernet ports on the back, which also substitutes for a wired router, while retaining the ports you need for your wired systems.

Buying Wired Internal Network Cards on eBay

It's very simple to search for the right wired internal network card when you start your search on eBay. If you start on the eBay main page, you enter search terms in the search box on the main page up top or you can drill down through categories to find the right card that way. It is recommended to start in the "Computers and Tablets" category and then choose "Components and Parts." In there, you'll see a selection for "Interface, Add-On Cards" and once there, the Internal Network Cards subcategory contains both wired and wireless cards, so make your selections from the filters on the left side and you'll see hundreds, if not thousands of cards for you to choose from.


A wired internal network card may be just what you need if a wireless connection is not available or if you just prefer to be wired into the world. By connecting directly to a router, you often are able to get and maintain faster connections that are more stable than some wireless networks. Wired networks also don't have to contend with random strangers trying to connect wirelessly to your network. You can find both wireless and wired network cards right on eBay, which offer great features and great speeds. You can install them quickly as well and have your computer ready to plug in within minutes. Before you know it, you will be browsing the internet with the rest of the world.

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