How to Connect to a Wireless Network – Hydrawise

What Security Type for wireless network?

Security / April 22, 2019

The network name for the secure wireless network is eduroam. This must be all lowercase.

Wireless authentication and encryption

The wireless Network Authentication type is WPA2 Enterprise.

The Data Encryption method to use is AES.

If your wireless device does not support WPA2/AES, select WPA authentication and TKIP encryption.

User authentication

The "EAP Authentication Type" or "Outer Authentication Protocol" is PEAP or PEAPv0.

The "Authentication Method", "Authentication Protocol" or "Inner Authentication Protocol" is MS-CHAPv2.

Your password should be the password you use to access Office 365.

If asked for an "Outer Identity", "Anonymous Identity" or "Roaming Identity", leave it blank.

If asked for a realm, leave it blank.

Server authentication

You should choose to Validate the Server Certificate.

The certificate should one called QuoVadis Root CA 2.

Although you may be able to connect to the eduroam wireless network without validating the server certificate, your connection will not be secure. You must ensure server certificate validation is enabled.