Microsoft s new adapter will let you use your wireless Xbox One

Wireless Network Adapter 360

Adapter / April 30, 2014

Verified Purchase Received my product 2 days before the estimated date of delivery which was a bonus. Very simple to install, simply plug it in and theh xbox will do the rest for you :) Not sure why iy came with a disc?? Anyway easy to install once you put your routers SSD Number. I have 2 routers a N series upstairs and initially was only picking up 1-2 bars as my xbox is hidden in a tv cabinet. So I used the usb extended cable from my Kinnect and now have the adapter fixed up behind my TV and now get 3 bars.

As of this review I havent tried playing any online games, it connects to xbos live so the real test will be playing games, watching Videos and streaming music. I will add to my review when I have done this.

All in all seems like a good product, glad I went for the N series as the previous version probably would have struggled to pick up a decent enough signal from the upstairs router. I do have a router downstairs which I appreciate most people will have only the 1 which will more than likely be downstairs also.