Atheros ar5007ug Wireless Network Adapter
Image by chenspec from Pixabay

Atheros ar5007ug Wireless Network Adapter

Found this on closed thread (couldn’t say thank you, this worked for me) but it’s the same problem so pasting here: THANK YOU rpainter!

rpainter said:
The solution to this is so simple that I am ashamed to admit it took me 12 hours to figure it out. My machine is running Win Vista but I am sure that the operating system doesn’t matter. This applies to the problem of your Atheros 5007 network device not allowing your computer to receive internet data, ie… you see your router but have no internet connection. Simply go into Network & Sharing center, then click on Manage Wireless Networks. Your router wireless network should be in the list. Highlight it, and then click on Adapter Properties at the top of the selection window. A smaller window opens for you Network Connection Properties, which lists Client for MS Window QoS Packet Scheduler, TCP/IP v6 and so on. At the top there should be a button that is named “Configure” under the Atheros device listing. Click it and you’ll see a tab that is named “Advanced”. You’ll probably get a warning or two but continue on. There will be a list of of items, one of them being Network address. Once you click on it, you’ll see two choices to the right, Value & Not Present. Not present is probably the one that has been selected. Click on Value & type in and save it. Once you close out the setting windows, then try connecting. I hope this is helpful since it worked for me.