Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

What is a proxy

When we use the Internet in a normal way, we connect our devices directly to servers with websites and mobile applications. Thus, the server recognizes the user’s IP address, location and preferences in the online environment. The provider can access this information and use it for their own commercial purposes: for advertising campaigns, drawing up a portrait of a user on the network. But a much greater danger is posed by intruders who, through an unsecured Internet connection, can gain access to the user’s personal data. If you do not use special tools to protect your data, you can easily become a victim of a hacker. The main goals for cybercriminals are your bank card details, passwords for Internet service accounts, access to personal correspondence in the mail and social networks.

What is a proxy server

A proxy buy is an intermediate server that acts as an intermediary between the user and other virtual machines. You access websites in a more secure way. It can mask your personal data from third-party surveillance. It becomes possible to bypass restrictions and visit the sites you need that the provider has blocked.

Consider the benefits that a proxy server gives us:

  • When users access the same sites frequently, copies of those pages are stored on the proxy server. Thus, the load on the data transmission channel will be reduced, and the speed of receiving a response will increase.
  • Access control. The administrator can restrict access to certain resources to other users. This option also helps to filter out intrusive ads and skip virus software less.

How to use a proxy server

Globally, this technology provides us with privacy. Providers and owners of commercial sites will not be able to track our movements and determine the area of ​​interest.