Atheros Wireless Network Adapter for Windows 7
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Atheros Wireless Network Adapter for Windows 7

This document shows you, how to identify the built-in Wireless Lan card of your notebook, and which driver version is installed.

Boot your notebook and follow the below steps:

  1. Click on “Start”
  2. Click into the “Search field”
  3. Enter “pc diag” into the search field
  4. Click on “PC Diagnostic Tool” in the result list of the search
  5. The tool will now open and the basic information about your PC will be refreshed
  6. After the refres has finished, the basic information about your computer will be shown like below
  7. At the row “Network”, you can see your Network cards listed. In this case, a Realtek WLAN card and an Atheros LAN card
  8. If the version number of the driver is not fully shown (as in this example), you can save the result list to a text file, to get the full information.
    Click on the “Save Result” Button on the bottom, to save the list.
  9. A save dialog window opens, and you can choose the destination folder, where you want to save the file. In this example, we save the file to the folder C:/temp.
  10. After you clicked “Save“, you will be asked, if you want to continue saving the file. Click “Yes” to save.
  11. Now we can open the saved result view, to show the full information.
    Click on “View Saved Results” on the bottom of the PC Diagnostic Tool window
  12. Select the saved file in the open file dialog and click “Open”
  13. The text file will be shown with notepad and you can see the full information about your wireless network card
    (marked blue in this example)
  14. Now we know, that the notebook in this example has an built-in Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN card and the installed driver version is 1005.12.105.2011
    If you want to update the driver, you can go to and check, if there is a newer driver for your Wireless LAN card.