Wireless Network Adapter for Toshiba Satellite
Image by Chris Ciapala from Pixabay

Wireless Network Adapter for Toshiba Satellite

Simply put, the wired network adapter isn’t working. Check “Change Adapter settings” from the Network and Sharing center, and there’s no wired adapter listed.

When I take a peek inside Device manager, there’s a Wifi adapter, and a “NMVNIC Network Adpater” – I think this is related to the NetMotion VPN client. No devices have a splat, and there is no “unknown devices” group.

Check ipconfig /all, and the netmotion adapter is the only wired adapter listed.

I went into BIOS, and disabled the On board Ethernet adapter, which made no change in what was displayed in Device manager. Re-enabled it, still no change.

My first thought was that power management is turning it off, but in the past when I’ve seen this, the adapter shows up as disabled in Device Manager. I searched through the Toshiba Eco, which I believe is their power app, and I don’t see anything in there.

While I was typing this up, I decided to boot off of a Linux live distro and see if the network adapter was there. The only adapters that it sees are the wireless and the loopback.

I think I’m going to pronounce the wired adapter dead, but I’m still going to post this in case I’m missing something. Feel free to chime in.

Thanks Spiceheads!

Edit: Pulling of the battery and power for awhile did it. I think it was unplugged and without a battery for about 30 minutes, and the next reboot the LAN adapter was up and working.




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