Wireless Network Connection limited access
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Wireless Network Connection limited access

Limited access definitely means “No internet access”.

Remember this rule: “Every problem regarding network connectivity can be diagnosed by process of ELIMINATION“.

Now, check these things:

1) Try to connect some other WiFi, for example, a friend’s home, or college’s WiFi. Same way, try connection your home WiFi in some other device/laptop. If it works on other device, problem is with your laptop.

2) Update your WLAN drivers. Use proper drivers made by manufacturer, or if possible, install the ones that are bundled with the laptop, and then upgrade it according to your system. Otherwise, if you are capable enough, try to find the driver for your system online and install the latest version. (For example, my Asus laptop came with Qualcomm Atheros, and the recommended software for WLAN was Intel PRO wireless drivers. I installed it first, as I trust Intel, but it did not work, while the manufacturer drivers worked like a charm)

3) Upgrade your router firmware to the latest one available. Also, if you can, format them to DD-WRT router firmwares, they are more reliable and open-source.

4) Check if the internet connection works, by directly connecting the cable from modem to laptop, and not into router. If it works, it means that your router has some problem.

5) If step 4 does not work, change your modem(borrow from someone) and try again, with and without router. If it works, with router, your modem is the culprit, if it works without router, your modem and your router, both are fried.

6) If none of the above works, call your ISP. It is definitely their problem. And you should not worry. If you are not sure about all these, just call them right away, right now. They’ll find the problem.


Source: www.quora.com