Computer and Network Support
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Computer and Network Support

Crowder College also offers 2 year Associate (AA) degrees in: Computer Science and also Information Science

The Computer and Network Support Technology program (CNS) at Crowder College trains students to become a high demand technician and has actively participated with Cisco Certified Academy through Cisco Systems since 2001. Computers have become an integral part of today’s society…they’re everywhere! With this surge of computer growth, there is an ever-growing demand for computer and network support technicians.

Upon successfully completing this program, you will be able to build, setup, and repair personal computers; setup and maintain computer networks; and perform various network administrative tasks!
The Computer and Network Support program is offered as a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. A one-year Certificate in Network Administration Technology is also available.

AAS Computer Network Support Recommended Program of Study (POS)

Courses Offered In The Computer and Network Support Technology
Two Year (AAS) Degree:

CNS 101, Introduction to Electronics
Presents the physics of electricity and magnetism and its direct application in the study of electronics.

CNS 111, 112 PC Basics I&II
Provides hands-on experience in computer assembly, setup, maintenance, and repair. Classroom activities address hardware and software issues, troubleshooting principles and online research.

CNS 115, 116, 217, 218 Cisco Networking I, II, III, IV
Provide both introductory and advanced knowledge and skills in network infrastructure topics including TCP/IP structure and addressing, router setup and configuration, troubleshooting and preparation for Cisco’s CCNA certification exam.

CNS 125 Programming for CNS Technicians
Provides basic computer programming skills for computer technology students.

CNS 250 Linux Network Administration
Presents a basic introduction to Linux system management as well as hands-on experience installing and setting up various specialized functionalities such as web servers, FTP servers, NFS, and firewalls/routers.

CNS 260 Microsoft Network Administration
Provides hands-on experience utilizing a Windows-based server incorporating Microsoft’s client/server-based products such as Active Directory, Internet Information Services (IIS), and Distributed File System (DFS).

CNS 265 Microsoft Exchange Server
Covers installation, setup, and operation of Microsoft’s popular messaging system: Microsoft Exchange. MS Exchange is widely used for its e-mail, instant messaging, and schedule tracking features.

CNS 270 Network Security
Covers the terminology, history and strategies needed for managing an information security program.

CNS 275 Enterprise Administration
Provides instruction in the design, setup, equipping, and maintenance of a network server center.

CNS 277 Data Management
Covers the fundamental concepts necessary for designing, using and implementing database systems and database applications.

CNS 285 Computer Network Support Internship
Provide hands-on experience in PC repair and network administration technology in a real world environment by assigning students to off-site hosting organizations.