Connect Panasonic TV to wireless Network
Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

Connect Panasonic TV to wireless Network

The following video tutorial was made for VIERA 2015 models, however the connection process applies to most VIERA Wi-Fi models.

How to Connect your VIERA Television to a Wi-Fi Network

Network Service – Connect to A Wi-Fi Network

Network Preparation

  1. Contact your broadband Internet service provider
    To obtain broadband Internet service:
    • Required speed (effective): at least 1.5 Mbps for SD and 6 Mbps for HD picture quality, respectively.
    • Dial-up Internet Access cannot be used.
  2. Select wired or wireless connection
    If a wired network connection is available near the TV, then using this LAN (Ethernet) connection is recommended.
    • Wired LAN connection, Recommended for viewing high quality video at high bit-rates and to avoid interference with 2.4 GHz devices.
    • Wireless LAN connection, Use when your network router is not close enough to the TV or when a wired connection is not feasible.
  3. Connect to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network



  1. TV (Built-in Wireless LAN)
    • For models that do not have a built in Wireless LAN, and are wi-fi compatible, use the optional or included wi-fi adapter. (refer to your owners manual)
  2. Home network (Modem/Wireless router)
  3. Computer/DLNA Certified Media server