Computer Hardware and Networking Jobs in Singapore
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Computer Hardware and Networking Jobs in Singapore

Internet of Things (IoT). Data Analytics. System Integration. Cyber Security. These are the emerging trends and skills for “Smart Cities”. Are you interested in these technologies?

Singapore is striving to become a “Smart Nation” ( Many big, modern cities in this world are heading that direction too. Do you have the knowledge/skills in these areas, to tap on these trends to achieve great success in your career?

“Computer Engineering” is a discipline about the hardware and software aspects of computer science. Computers are unarguably at the heart of any modern, high-tech systems. Devices and systems are becoming smarter because of computers.

Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) will equip you with solid foundation in computer and electronic hardware design, software programming, networking, cyber security, and cloud computing. You will master the skill of integrating various computing technologies to connect, control and automate processes, activities, and also robotics. These skills & knowledge will empower you to be an all-rounded computer engineer.