Difference between Computer Security and Network Security
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Difference between Computer Security and Network Security

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Computer Security is an older term, replaced by Information Security at least 5–10 years ago.

Information Security is a very broad term that covers roughly eight domains of knowledge which argueably could be represented here: https:

Note, that is a lot of information. Risk Management, as an example has all kinds of sub domains.

Most people who work in InfoSec tend to specialize in a few domains. Very few are deep in all of the domains, and they tends to be CISO types.

As you can see, Network Security is one part of one domain. It tends to be more technical than some of the others. Many of the domains are focused of managerial things, processes, programs, etc.

Cyber Security tends to be focused around what are called red teams and blue team; attackers and defenders. These are very specialized individuals, and they are best located in the Security Assessment and Testing and Security Operations domains.

Source: www.quora.com