Intel Wireless Network Adapter not Found
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Intel Wireless Network Adapter not Found

Thank you for these suggestions. I followed every step you suggested (this time using the Generic drivers you gave me), The only step that didn’t work exactly as you said was that I could never completely delete older drivers. I was able to uninstall and delete the most current driver ( and that left a driver on the machine from March. When I went to uninstall that I was not given an option to delete it. So I restarted and just installed the latest driver. Please remember that I have already tried a complete OS reinstallation of Windows 10 for this problem.

So I did all of this and the problem still occurs. I’ll answer your questions below and then give you the repro steps I’m using for this and what errors I encounter:

To your questions:

Q: Was this working fine before?

A: I have had this problem for as long as I’ve owned the laptop which I purchased back in May of this year.

Q: We noticed you are using virtualization, would it be possible to disable the Virtual Network functions and check if the issue persists?

A: I’ve done that and the problem still occurs

Q: Are you using any software or app to monitor the network, and that may modify the way the wireless driver works?

A: I don’t think so (at least not intentionally. I’m not sure how I would know this

Q: Provide the exact errors or warnings you receive when the system halts, or in the event logs.

A: Here is how I can reproduce this consistently.

1. Put the computer to sleep by pressing the power button

2. Wait for about 5-10 minutes

3. Press the power button to wake the computer up

4. Not immediately but after a few minutes (2-3) the wireless adapter loses connectivity and the adapter settings say it is Disabled. In Device Manager for Device Status it says “No drivers are installed for this device”
5. In the System Event Log the sequence looks like this when the adapter loses connectivity and becomes disabled

Warning – NDIS – No drivers are installed for this device
Information – Netwtw04 – Event ID 5007 (twice), 6510 (3 times), 5032 (twice). There is no friendly view instead you get “The description for Event ID XXXX from source Netwtw04 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.
Error – WLAN Auto-Config – Event ID 4003

WLAN AutoConfig detected limit connectivity, performing Reset/Recover.adapter.

Code: 1 0xC 0x4

Error – WLAN Auto Config – Event ID 4003


Then a repeaiting sequence of the NDIS Warning and Netwtw04 information messages (around a repeat of this for 5 times)

Also as I’ve said before, you can also get a bugcheck 9F (bluescreen) pointing to this driver. That doesn’t happen consistently