Two Advantages of Computer Network
Image by 955169 from Pixabay

Two Advantages of Computer Network

When you are a business owner, one of your goals is to increase productivity and reduce costs. In order to do that it is important to evaluate where you can optimize time and cut unnecessary costs, and switching from individual computers to a computer network in your office plays a big role in optimization.

Nowadays it is really rare to see an office with more than a handful of employees that are not connected in a network, because of the many advantages and extra savings a computer network brings.

Reasons to Connect Business Computers in a Network

Helps to Manage Data

You can have the company documents in a file server instead of having them in each employee’s computer. This helps keep the documents more organized: whenever someone changes anything in a file, it will be changed in the file server as well, and everyone will have the same updated copy. There is no need for isolated backups of each file because the system will do it itself. The access to the directories can also be managed by using passwords. The network administrator can choose who has access to the files and who can make changes to them by granting those people passwords to the documents, in case the administrator doesn’t want sensitive data to be available for all employees.

Easy to share data

in a network system it is much easier to share data than in individual computers, where you would have to use a floppy disk, a USB cable or a flash drive. When computers are in a network, the documents can be found in the file server and everyone can access them, provided that the access is available to all or the person has the password to use it. This way you don’t have to transfer your files to a device and then walk to your co-worker’s desk and have them transfer the files from your device to their computers anymore. That saves a great deal of time.

The access is flexible

because the files are on a server, it doesn’t matter what computer you are doing your work in. You can start working on a document sitting at your desk and finish it after going through three different computers. The result will be the same and everyone will be able to access it.