Wireless Network Adapter Dell
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Wireless Network Adapter Dell

I have a Dell Inspiron 17R running Windows 8.1. For months it has connected easily on ethernet and wireless. I upgraded both router and modem 2 weeks ago and all worked flawlessly.

1. On waking from sleep, it has no local network connections listed.
2. The wifi network connection is set to off, and the slide bar will not slide to ON.
3. Troubleshooter just keeps saying the wireless adapter is off.
4. Every other device in the house is working fine on the wireless.

Before you ask:
1. I have tried adding a new ethernet connection. In the Device Manager, the ethernet controller is missing from the list. There is no “Other Device” category so it’s not hiding in there.
2. Function key plus F2 (tower key) only turns the airplane mode on & off, not the wireless. There is no physical wireless switch. Yes, checked all sides and bottom of machine.
3. I have rebooted PC, unplugged waited replugged modem and router.
4. I don’t dare remove and reinstall the Network adapter in Device Manager for fear of knocking our wireless out too. It does not have a yellow mark next to it anyway and says driver is up to date.

I ran ipconfig/sys and it says ip routing & wins proxy not enabled. it lists two wireless LAN adapters (wifi and local area connection*3) and both say “media disconnected.”

I don’t thoroughly understand any of these settings since I just follow instructions and the google if I’m stuck. Plus I only have to do this about every 5 years so bear with me if I’m an odd mix of ignorance and knowledge.

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