Wireless Sensor Network research Areas
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Wireless Sensor Network research Areas

Wireless Sensor Networks is a research area which has gained a lot of interest today in academia as well as Industry. One of the topic that has recently caught my interest is: Neural Wireless Sensor Networks.

Neural Networks consist of multiple layers, each layer separated by a non-linear activation function. Each layer consists of multiple ‘neurons’. A visual representation of a Neural Network would be as follows:

These networks are initialized arbitrarily, and trained on a data-set using algorithms like back propagation. Once a neural network is trained on a data-set it can be deployed on real time inputs and the outcome can be evaluated.

Now imagine each neuron as a node in a sensor network. The data collected in real time, can also be processed in-network and the WSN can be used to make smarter decisions.

You can refer to some of these papers for more details:

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