Belkin Wireless Desktop Network card Driver
Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

Belkin Wireless Desktop Network card Driver

Hey everyone,

Got donated a wirless card for my home system as my PC is to far from the router now for a cable really.

Card: Belkin Wireless G (F5D7000 v6000) card (pci)
OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

I popd the card in, booted up and win 7 knowing there are not realsed win 7 drivers from Belkin, then windows was all wtf is this and failed installing a driver at all, i selected from a list what it was and then listed the drivers, but nothing from Belkin was present, theres a few people on various sites saying to do this:

# For manufacturer select “Atheros Communications Inc.” exactly.
# For device select “Belkin Wireless A/G Desktop Network Card” exactly.

But that gave me a start error: ’10’, Device failed to start. as it apears that works for v5 of the card, not version 6 onwards prehaps?

I then pluged the ethernet cable into my computer as i needed to get some work done, this then caused windows udpate to find some Belkin drivers for me that are compatable, it instaleld them and the card seemd to be ok.. it apears now in the list of avalible network adapters along with the 2 ports on the motehrbaord for cable conection, but its constantly disabeld.