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Computer Hardware and Networking Tutorials

So how do you reset the BIOS password? This page will show you how. Do you have a BIOS password setup that you forgot? If so then this tutorial should help you out.Build Your Own Computer
This how to build your own computer guide is the place to be if you want to build a computer, your very own computer. In this guide I will link to many other pages on this website that are useful in this process.How to install a motherboard?
This tutorial on how to install a motherboard is one of the first steps in building a computer. All the components in a computer connect to the motherboard, so it is important that the motherboard is installed correctly. This tutorial will hopefully help you to do that.How to install RAM?
This tutorial on how to install RAM is the third tutorial in the . It will explain, with the use of photos how to locate the RAM slots and insert the RAM.How to install a CPU?
How to install a Hard Drive?
This tutorial is on installing a hard drive. It is one of the many tutorials on building your own computer. It will explain with the use of images how to install a hard drive into a computer with either a SATA or IDE drive.How to install a CD/DVD Drive?
This tutorial is on installing a CD/DVD drive. It explains (using images) how to enter the cables, set the jumpers and insert the drive into your computer.How to install a Network Card?
This tutorial is on installing a Network Card. It explains the process of locating the network slot, shows you how to place the network card into this slot, and also provides you with some tips to keep both you and your computer safe from harm.

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay