Computer Networking and Security
Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

Computer Networking and Security

Competent, skilled and prepared network administrators and cyber security experts needed. Can you step up?

The power to stop cyber threats is within you.

Computer networks are a critical part of today’s businesses, and the need to safeguard customer data is crucial. As businesses and organizations adopt and integrate emerging technologies, mobile wireless technologies and cloud computing into their infrastructures, they will require specialists who can operate, maintain and monitor them for security breaches, while defending them from cyber attacks.

The Computer Networking & Security Technology program teaches an overview of security and networking technologies with a strong hands-on curriculum. As a student, you’ll learn to install and configure network devices and administer system software and network services for internal and external networks. You’ll also learn to implement security controls to identify and prevent cyber attacks, monitor networks for security breaches and respond to attacks with appropriate countermeasures.