Verizon wireless Network Security key
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Verizon wireless Network Security key

Mobile Internet allows you to connect your mobile device anywhere.

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A MiFi device on the Verizon network provides a wireless Internet connection for laptop computers, or other mobile devices capable of picking up a Wi-Fi signal. Your MiFi unit must be both activated on the Verizon network and the computer with which you expect it to provide Internet service. In most cases, you can accomplish the activation process yourself, though Verizon telephone support is available.

Service Activation

Service for a MiFi personal hotspot device must be activated over the phone with a Verizon wireless representative or online using your My Verizon account before you can use it to connect to Internet. New customers must call Verizon at 877-807-4646 and provide personal information, including the phone number of their mobile device. If you already have an account with Verizon when you set up MiFi, sign in to your My Verizon account and activate the MiFi device from there.

Connecting the Device to Your Computer

MiFi devices do not have the battery preinstalled, so once you confirm that service has been activated, install the battery and charge the device without powering it on. Use the USB cable that came with your MiFi device to connect it to your computer, inserting the plug into a working USB port. Once the device is connected, it will automatically power on.

Device Activation

After your MiFi device has power, double-click on the Wi-Fi indicator located in right corner of your computer’s toolbar. If you don’t see an indicator, go to “Control Panel, ” “View Network and Status Tasks” and then “Connect or Disconnect” to bring up a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Select your Verizon MiFi device from the list and enter the security key on the back of your device when prompted. Open a new Internet browser window and type ” ” in the address bar. When asked to do so, click “Activate” or “Update PRL.”


If your MiFi device does not successfully connect to your computer, check the status of your computer Wi-Fi, ensuring that it is not disabled. Wi-Fi must be enabled for a MiFi device to communicate with a computer. Also confirm that the MiFi device is fully charged, as inadequate battery will cause the device to shut off and interrupt your service.