Wireless Sensor Networks research
Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

Wireless Sensor Networks research

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) has attracted a lot of attention recently. A WSN usually contains a large number of low-cost and low-power wireless sensor nodes, some aggregated nodes, and some destination nodes. There are many potential applications of sensor networks, such as surveillance and monitoring, tracking and location. In these applications, the sensor nodes are usually cooperated with each other in a multi-hop fashion. In this project, we consider the problem of multicasting data packets from multiple source groups of sensor nodes to multiple destinations via a common wireless relay network. We refer to such a channel as a multiple access relay interference channel (MARIC), as multiple groups of source nodes interfere with each other at each destination. In this project, we will develop a robust distributed network and channel coding scheme for MARIC.

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