Computer Hardware and Networking Troubleshooting
Image by Q K from Pixabay

Computer Hardware and Networking Troubleshooting

This course will provide participant a much needed knowledge of computer hardware and networking, enabling them to identify and rectify the onboard computer hardware, software and network related problems. With the help of this course the participant will be able to understand the hardware specifications that are required to run operating system and various shipboard application programs. Also, upgrading of existing hardware / software as and when required. The main aspect of this program is to eliminate cost for the computer engineer boarding the vessel for troubleshoot, install / configure the application program and network related problems and there by charging exorbitant fees to ship owners / managers.

Course Objectives:

  • understand basic concept & structure of computer hardware & networking
  • identify the existing configuration of the computers and peripherals
  • upgrading same as and when required
  • apply their knowledge about computer peripherals to identify / rectify problems onboard
  • integrate the PCs into Local Area Network & re-install operating systems and various shipboard applications.
  • perform routine maintenance, upgrades
  • manage data backup & restore operations on server and update anti-virus software and set schedules

Duration: 3 days

Suggest Target Group: All Management and Operational level officers and Radio Officers

Course Contents:

  • What’s inside your computer? How does it inter-relate?
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Installations of operating systems & configuring PC network
  • Installation of service packs, applications such as MS Office, MS Outlook, Anti-virus software, Seagull CBT’s etc.
  • Trouble shooting of Windows XP & MS Office
  • Computer network and how to configure?
  • Networking hardware and cabling
  • Sharing and managing networked components